Are Kent Bikes Any Good in 2023

Brief history

So you are looking for a new bike and your budget is tight ? You go out and search for the bikes that can fit your budget and also look good. Suddenly you come across kent bikes in your nearest Walmart or any other local store and you wonder are they any good! Well look no further, today in this article we are going to answer all the question related to kent bikes, their quality, durability, pricing and what can you expect from them once you made your purchase and give out your dollars. We are going to give you a 100% unbiased review so let’s get started.

First things first, kent is one of the first companies that started mass production of geared bikes and it is also is one of the first companies that come up with foldable bikes. It is a time tested company that was started in early 1900 century by Abraham Kamler in new york. The company was later moved to Newark, New jersey. Present day company owns 6 brands including Jeep, JMC and Razor bike and is one of the most reputed company in United States of America due to their high quality affordable bikes.

How long these bikes last ?

How long a bike last depends on a lot of factors like model and how it was used by the owner. But still we are going to give you a rough idea from some the the past clients and what they told as about the bike after at least 1 year of usage.

.I am quite pleased with the purchase of this bicycle. I don’t think you can duplicate all the features that it has on any other bicycle in this price range. That was the reason I bought it. Plus, it’s got an all aluminum frame.

One of its best features is front and rear suspension. Most other bikes don’t have either one at this price point.You do have to assemble it. It probably took me a total of 30 minutes. The most difficult part is adjusting the front brake. But, if you can work an adjustable wrench, you can adjust the brake. Also believe it or not, the instruction manual is very good by today’s standards. It even includes maintenance and adjustment tips for the future.
– Mike

We also found some issues while talking to some of the customers who were using it in rough and tough places. One of such user said “Even though the quality of the bike is good, it is not made for rough usage and I found it out the hard way. I gave me a lot of issue and suspension nearly gave up. The cost of bike is low so there is no point in putting extra money to get it fixed so I just made some cheap fixes and now only using it for occasional evening rides”. 

All in all the bikes are quite durable and can be used for 3-4 year with little to no maintenance if used gently and kept with care. If you are looking for more rough usage of bikes then I would recommend to look for some higher end bikes as these bikes might not be the right fit for you.

How much these bikes cost ?

Kent bikes operate in the lower end of the market which is quite price sensitive. Most of their bikes are in range of 100 to 400 dollars with a few exceptions. They target this segment with majority of their bikes. Apart from it they do have some high end models but that are not quite popular and other brands provide better options for higher price points.
We recommend you to buy bike in range of 80 dollars to 200 dollars for this brand. If you want to invest more money then there are way better options available for you. The resell of these bikes is minimal and you should buy them with intention to use them as first owner only.

Are kent bikes made in USA ?

Yes, most of their bikes are made in USA as mentioned it in their website. They claim to own one of the largest bicycle factories in USA which is located in South Carolina. This is part of the initiative taken by company to bring the jobs back to United States of America. It also help in maintaining the quality of bikes. 
Final verdict
If you are looking for a low price entry level bikes then kent bikes are an excellent choice for you.
You can enjoy these bikes without any issue and they will usually last for 3-4 years.

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