Trek vs canyon bikes | Which one to buy ?

Trek vs canyon bikes. Which one should you buy.

Both of them are very established brands with a big customer base so you can go with either of them. The choice depends on what are your needs and what method of delivery and service you prefer. Let us discuss the major differences between the two brand bikes.

1) Canyon will require you to assemble the bike and it will cost you some extra time or money. There are videos on their website about how to assemble and it usually takes half an hour to assemble the bikes but it could take more for a complete beginner.

2) When it comes to cost Trek bikes are in general more expensive than Canyon bikes with comparable features. But you do not have to assemble Trek bikes and this saves you time or extra money if you get it assembled by a third party.

3) Canyon bikes are available online mode only and this limits the support you can get for these bikes. On the other hand, Treak bikes has many offline support centres where you can show up with your bike if you need any help or repair in future.

4) Trek bikes due to their offline nature can be tested and test driven before buying. In Canyon bikes, you cannot do the same. If you know someone who has purchased a Canyon bike then that is your best bet, you can ask them to give you a test ride.

Offroad vs onroad

One major noticable difference between these tow brands is the type of bikes they produce. Trek produce a lot of off road bikes and they have mastered this niche where as Canyon focuses on onroad bikes more and they have some better bikes in this niche.

This is also reflected in the pricing of the bikes, trek bikes cost more then Canyon bikes as off road bikes need better suspension, broader typres and a more reliable body.

Body of the bike

Trek frames are mostly made of aluminium or carbon fibre. On the other hand, Canyon frames are only made up of carbon fibre. This causes Trek bikes to weigh a little more than canyon bikes as this additional aluminium adds a little more weight to the frame. Weight difference between these two bikes is still not much and this should not be a big factor and should be considered as a secondary factor.

Trek bikes also have better suspension and most of their bikes come with front suspension or full suspension as they focus on mountain bikes. Canyon bikes mostly have front suspension only.

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Final conclusion

In this article, we have discussed the key differences between Trek and Canyon bikes and this information is more than enough for you to make a good decision. Our final verdict is that if you are looking for an off-road bike then go with Trek and if you are looking for an on-road bike then you can save some bucks and go with Canyon bikes. There are lots of third-party service centres that can give you offline support which is missing in Canyon Bikes so that should not be a big issue. Hope you like this article, please help us spread the word and share it with someone who is currently looking to purchase a bike and is not able to make the right decision.