What is a maximum speed for 200cc engine?

The maximax speed of a 200cc bike is going to depend on a lot of factors like bike configuration and if the engine is 2 stroke or 4 stroke. It also depends on the weight of the bike, shape of the bike, condition of the road and other factors that are not a part bike itself like wind speed and direction, slope etc. So when we talk about maximum speed we are considering that these factors are not playing a very big role and all conditions are moderate.

So what is the top speed ?

It is very hard to tell the exact top speed of the bike with only the cc of the engine, but we can provide you with an approximate speed range from 100s of bikes we have examined over the years. So based on experience you can expect a top speed of around 100mph to 120mph. If the conditions are favourable you might get a better speed but this is what you are likely going to get on average.